Privacy Statement

1. What is personal data
Personal data is information that identifies you. The personal data we collect may be:
• Your name, address, email address and phone number
• Additional data, such as your equalities information and detailed information about you and your needs
• Photographs or videos of you, if you attend one of our projects or events.

2.Why we collect your personal data and under what lawful basis
In order for us to deliver the most relevant services and activities to you, we need to collect and hold your personal data. We also use your data to tell you about our services and activities, so that you can take part in them.
We will keep your data for our records, particularly if you give, or want to give, us feedback or to make a complaint. It is also important that we hold your personal data to make sure we keep you safe while you are accessing our services.
We use personal data to report to our funders and tell them about the work we have been doing to show them how we have used their funding. However, we keep the data anonymous as much as we can when we tell them about our work.
We also use personal data, particularly images, to share and promote our work. We will only share photos of you and/or data about you with your permission. (We will also check with you first that you are happy for us to take your photograph or film).
This notice is to tell you how we collect and look after your personal data and why.
It also tells you your legal rights in terms of the personal data that we hold.
When we collect your data we will always ask for you to actively consent for us to do so, and this is the lawful basis under which we keep your data.
You may be a subscriber to our monthly newsletter, which informs subscribers about our events and projects. You might have signed up to our newsletter via our website, or one of our staff might have asked you if you would like to subscribe to it. We keep this data under the lawful basis of legitimate interest, and we believe it is in your interest to keep receiving our emails so that you are informed about our services and events. We don’t want to keep bothering you by asking you to re- subscribe although you can of course unsubscribe at any time via the link on every email we send out.

3.The ways that we collect your personal data
You may give us your personal data by:
• filling in one of our forms, on our website or a hard copy
• signing up to our email newsletter
• telling us about your details over the phone or email, or in another way
that you choose
• attending our training or events
and having photographs or
videos taken of you
When we ask you for this data, we will always tell you why, and we will ask you to confirm that you are happy for us to collect it.

4. Your Rights
Under the law, you have the right to ask us not to use your data for marketing purposes or to share it with partner organisations.
You also have the right at any time to ask us what personal data we are holding
about you, and to correct or delete this data, with the exception of criminal data.
If you would like to ask us what personal data we are holding about you, just send
us an email or a letter to the contact details at the end of this statement. We will respond to you within 30 days.

5. Protecting your personal data
We will never sell, rent or trade your personal data to anyone else or any other organisation without your consent.
We would only ever pass on your data to another organisation if we were required to do so by law.

6. For more information, get in touches
If you have any queries, you can contact with us about anything in this notice: By email:

We ensure that we are keeping your data safe and secure by putting appropriate
security measures and systems in place and training our staff. For example, we
keep data electronically on a secure, password-protected server, backed up by a reputable cloud back up service that processes data within European Law. We
take care in training all of our staff who are likely to come into contact with your
data to understand how they should process it and ensure it is always safe and